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Posted on: Jul 30, 2018

New Phone System To Be Installed

New Phone System To Be Installed

New Phone System

Island Air Service will be introducing a new phone system within the next month to help manage the volume of calls.  GCI will be upgrading our phone service and installing a “Managed Phone System”. 

Our call volumes increase significantly before the morning or afternoon take-off times or when there are periods of extended bad weather.  Usually the phones are ringing at the same time that our Customer Service agents are working directly with customers at the check in desk.   This can mean missed calls or extended time on hold while we work with people at the counter.  In order to solve this problem, Island Air Service has worked with GCI to build a custom managed phone system.  This system should reduce time on hold and allow us to respond quickly to missed calls that go to voice mail. 

Once the system is installed, you will be presented a menu of options from which to select. “Option One”, will direct you to a recorded message that provides the most current flight status.  For example, we will record a message saying that “all flights are on schedule” or “East side flights are on schedule, but Larsen Bay and Karluk flights are on hold” or “All flights are currently on a weather hold – check back in one hour”.   This information will be updated as the situation changes.

“Option Two” will to direct you to  Customer Service/Reservations which will send your call directly to our Customer Service and Reservations desk.  If the phone is not picked up after 5 rings, your call will go to voice mail where you will be asked to leave a name and number so we can call you back.  One of the features of the new system, is that once a voice mail is received, an email will be sent immediately to the reservations desk to alert them of the missed call.  This should allow us to respond more quickly to your calls when our call volume is busy. 

“Option Three” will direct you to Accounting and “Option Four” will go to the Maintenance Department.

If you call after hours, you can leave a message and again, an email will be sent to our Customer Service/Reservations desk to be retrieved first thing in the morning.

This new system should reduce your waiting time on hold or the need to call back if the phone is busy.  We should also be able to improve our response times when a call does go to voice mail.   The goal of this new system is to improve communications with you, our customers, while still providing the same level of personal contact with our Customer Service and Reservations agents that you have come to expect. 

Stay tuned for more updates.