Britten-Norman Islander


Capable of lifting up to 9 passengers or 1500lbs of cargo, the Islander is Island Air’s heavy-hauler. First introduced by Britten-Norman of the UK in 1967, the BN-2 Islander is still in production. Though often labeled with derogatory nick-names like Bongo Van or Flying Land Cruiser, the Islander has been embraced around the world in the role it was designed for.

A large high-lift wing, huge control surfaces, plenty of power, and an amazingly robust build have cemented the Islander’s reputation as a workhorse bush-plane. High winds, short bumpy runways, and huge loads are just routine for the Islander, so next time you climb aboard the green-winged beast, know you are in good hands! 

Aircraft Charter

Chartering one of our aircraft allows you flexibility should our scheduled flights not meet your travel plans. Any of our 11 aircraft, including our wheel and float planes can be chartered for specific flights.