Britten-Norman Islander


Capable of lifting up to 9 passengers or 1500lbs of cargo, the Islander is Island Air’s heavy-hauler. First introduced by Britten-Norman of the UK in 1967, the BN-2 Islander is still in production. Though often labeled with derogatory nick-names like Bongo Van or Flying Land Cruiser, the Islander has been embraced around the world in the role it was designed for.

A large high-lift wing, huge control surfaces, plenty of power, and an amazingly robust build have cemented the Islander’s reputation as a workhorse bush-plane. High winds, short bumpy runways, and huge loads are just routine for the Islander, so next time you climb aboard the green-winged beast, know you are in good hands! 

Aircraft Charter

Chartering your own aircraft allows the flexibility should our scheduled flights not meet your traveling needs. One of our 9 aircraft can be utilized for your specific flight needs—whether on sea or on land.