Cessna 180

180 Beach.JPG

Originally designed for business transport, the Cessna 180 quickly became one of the most famous bush-planes of all time. Light, powerful, and tough, the 180 has been a favorite of many of the best bush pilots around the world. Ours has been all over Alaska and is still working hard for Island Air. Occasionally, you may see it at one of the village airstrips picking up passengers and mail.

This plane really comes into its own though when landing on beaches or riverbars – anywhere most airplanes can’t go. Oversize tundra-tires, a large engine, and extended wings help it get the job done. So if you need to get somewhere remote on Kodiak or the Peninsula, you’ll likely find yourself flying in our 180.

Aircraft Charter

Chartering your own aircraft allows the flexibility should our scheduled flights not meet your traveling needs. One of our 9 aircraft can be utilized for your specific flight needs—whether on sea or on land.