Flight Seeing


The Kitoi Bay Flight Seeing Tour departs from the Trident Basin float plane terminal on Near Island and takes you north to Afognak Island's Izhut Bay where the Kitoi Bay Hatchery is located. The Kitoi Bay Hatchery produces  sockeye, chum, pink and silver salmon for the Kodiak area salmon fishermen.  Before landing near the hatchery enjoy a scenic flight of Kodiak and Afognak Islands. The pilot will land in Izhut Bay which provides a very good chance of seeing Kodiak brown bears from the comfort of the airplane. This tour lasts 1.5 hours and is booked during low tide.

The one hour long Afognak Tour will fly over the picturesque Monks Lagoon on Spruce Island and pass by the remains of Afognak Village on Afognak Island which was destroyed by the 1964 earthquake and resulting tsunami. There is the chance to see Kodiak brown bears, Roosevelt elk, and Sitka black tail deer. Throughout the flight, your pilot will give you a fascinating and detailed account of Kodiak Island and its storied history.