Cessna Caravan


The Cessna Caravan is the newest and biggest aircraft in our fleet. Capable of hauling 9 passengers or up to 2500lbs of freight, this machine really helps us move you and your freight around Kodiak!
First introduced in 1984, Cessna’s biggest single engine plane has become the world standard work airplane for remote regions. Powered by a reliable Pratt and Whitney turbine engine, our Caravan is also fitted with a large external bellypod to haul extra cargo. Though Caravans can be fitted with skis, floats, or amphibious floats; ours remains on wheels for servicing the villages of the Kodiak Archipelago. It’s also a great choice for moving lots of passengers or gear to or from mainland Alaska.

Aircraft Charter

Chartering your own aircraft allows the flexibility should our scheduled flights not meet your traveling needs. One of our 9 aircraft can be utilized for your specific flight needs—whether on sea or on land.