Dehavilland Beaver

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If one aircraft were to epitomize Bush Flying, The North, and Island Air all at the same time; it is without doubt the DHC-2 Beaver! In the years after WWII, bush flying was a large and growing concern in Alaska and Canada. Planes had been built for the purpose, but none fit just right. The boys at de Havilland Canada decided they could do better. They did. From the beginning the Beaver was designed thru-and-thru to be a bush plane. Float, wheels, and skis can be fitted with ease. STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) performance is amazing. The load carrying capability and rugged build is legendary.

Though they were only built from 1947-1967, the Beaver is still in service throughout Alaska. Many ask why use such an old airplane ? Because there has never been a better one built since! But don't let the age fool you. Just like the famous automobiles of Cuba, each beaver working today has been carefully and meticulously maintained, repaired and rebuilt; and are better than new. Able to carry up to 6 passengers or 1200lbs of freight nearly anywhere, our Beaver is just like its name sake, working hard every day!

Aircraft Charter

Chartering one of our aircraft allows you flexibility should our scheduled flights not meet your travel plans. Any of our 11 aircraft, including our wheel and float planes can be chartered for specific flights.